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Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
only debate the vice presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail. vice president joe biden and his wife jill appeared at a rally in lacrosse, wisconsin today. he stressed how devastating he believes the republican ticket's budget plan would be for the middle class. >>> right now mitt romney and paul ryan are wrapping up a campaign appearance in lancaster, pennsylvania. earlier in the day romney was in richmond for a rally of his own and asked the crowd if they think they're better off today than four years ago. >> with one out of six people living in poverty, with half our kids coming out of college not able to get a job or a college level job, this campaign has been focusing on saving -- his campaign has been focusing on saving big bird. my campaign is going to focus on saving the american family and getting good jobs and rising income together. >> president obama did not have any campaign appearances earlier today and tonight he's scheduled to head out to dinner with winners of a fundraising push for his reelection bid. >>> if you plan on voting in maryland, d.c. or virgi
Oct 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
have started that fire. >>> tonight joe biden and paul ryan in their first and only debate of this campaign, 2012. good evening. i'm anita brikman coming to you live from usa today headquarters in mclean. we'll go back to the studio in a few minutes for more of today's headlines, but right now a preview of this all important vice presidential debate from reporter emily schmidt. >> reporter: tonight marks paul ryan's and joe biden's one chance to vie for the no. 2 job. biden joked with reporters. >> you ever seen me rope a dope? >> reporter: but this is his chance to make up for what was widely perceived as a loss by president obama to mitt romney in last week's debate. >> the vice president is very much looking forward to the debate tonight because there are really clear distinctions between the president and mitt romney even if governor romney is trying to fuzzy up those distinctions in the final weeks of the campaign. >> reporter: biden has done this before debating sarah palin in 2008. it's ryan's biggest ever debate stage. he's talking of studying 40 pounds of paperwork as repu
Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
foreign policy questions during their next debate in eight days. vice president joe biden and paul ryan will meet in kentucky for their one and only debate this thursday and we'll be right back. >>> disturbing new details about the failure rate for those tsa airport searches that anyone who flies has to suffer through. of confidential internal reports finds tsa screeners at one airport are missing far more oversized jails than they are catching. bruce leshan brings us the story. >> they renamed newark liberty in honor of the victims killed on 9/11 when terrorists took off from newark and other airports. now comes word in a secret report from the tsa itself that its new york screeners are failing to do what they are supposed to do to keep america safe. john is a law professor at gw. >> any of my students who get less than 75, uhll fail them. here, the tsa itself says that its agents failed 80, 85, 100% of the time. everybody should be scared and outraged. >> the tsa secret shoppers found screeners caught prohibited items and took appropriate action less than 25% of the time. they fo
Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
on leave tonight. >>> tomorrow vice president joe biden and paul ryan take their turn to duke it out in the debate arena. starting at 9:00 usa today reporters will be live blogging about what the candidates say. you can see that live on and participate in the conversation via facebook and twitter. so make sure your television is turned to channel 9 to watch the debate which starts at 9:00 and then log onto, then join derek and anita at 11:00 as they fact check what the candidates say with the usa today fact checking team. >>> metro can be crowded enough on a day like today when the nats play, but what about the inauguration? yes, time to talk about that, too. the transit agency is expecting record crowds and it hopes to cash in big time. according to the washington examiner, tomorrow metro will ask its board of directors to let it charge peak fares and full parking fees january 21st, even though next year's inauguration falls on a federal holiday. it also wants to sell a $15 commemorative day pass. >>> now to something a little bizarre on the eastern shore
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4